The Sharing Platter, “Starters Platter” Is Here! Perfect For Sharing On Any Occasion

Introducing the KyoChon 1991 Starters Platter, a plateful of flavour in one incredible bundle.

It lets you taste a selection of KyoChon 1991’s signature menu items all at once, making it perfect for sharing with friends and family on any occasions.

The Starters Platter @ RM29.95 (good for 2 pax) includes:

  • Salsal Strips: 100% juicy boneless chicken breast strips covered in rice batter.
  • So-tteok So-tteok: A popular Korean street food which consists of fried rice cake and chicken sausage brushed with our signature sauce (Shinhwa / Red / Honey).
  • Potato Wedges: Imported American potato wedges. Taste great with or without dipping sauce.
  • Organic Green Salad*: A fresh salad with sesame dressing (*not included for takeaway / delivery orders).

So gather everyone, and let’s head to KyoChon 1991 today ( or order via! ‍‍‍Gaja!