3 Perfect Occasions to Enjoy Korean Fried Chicken

3 Perfect Occasions to Enjoy Korean Fried Chicken

We don’t really need a reason to enjoy some mouth-wateringly succulent Korean fried chicken, but if you need a justification to do so, here are 3 occasions when you should definitely consider adding that crispy, crunchy, fried delight to the menu!

Movie Nights

Movie nights just wouldn’t be complete without a spread of snacks, but if you’re about to start on a K-drama marathon, why not opt for a Korean fried chicken party for one (or two)? Watching your favourite oppa or noona chowing down on a plateful of fried chicken will surely kick your cravings into overdrive and there’s no better way to feel like you’re a part of the story than tucking in to a feast of our Signature fried chicken and appetisers! K-dramas like Weightlifting Fairy Bok-Joo, Crash Landing On You and The King: Eternal Monarch have all tempted us with scenes starring delectable Korean fried chicken, so join the fried chicken party because it’s time to catch up with the latest on-screen drama.

Leisure Time with Family and Friends

Getting to spend time together with your family and friends is always great — but getting to bond with everyone over a scrumptious meal of Korean fried chicken is even better. With KyoChon’s wide range of fried chicken flavours, everyone will definitely find something they love. If you can’t decide on what to get but still need to plan balanced meals for a party or picnic with family and friends, our combos will surely make your menu planning endeavours so much easier. You’ll get the option to select your preferred combos, be it for one person, four or more, so you’ll be covered for everything from a romantic picnic for two to a fun party with the whole family. However, if you’re just looking for a lot of meaty goodness, consider ordering our Kyochon Mix platters instead — it’s sure to satisfy everyone’s meatiest cravings!

Office Parties and Events

Fried chicken is a universal favourite, and Korean fried chicken being available in a glorious variety of flavours ranging from the smoky, spicy Shinhwa Series and fiery Red Pepper Series to the garlicky, savoury goodness of the Soy Garlic Series and savoury-sweet Honey Series, KyoChon’s Korean fried chicken has simply upped the game when it comes to office party food. Crispy, crunchy, savoury and flavourful, they make wonderful additions to any office event. All you have to do is select an array of sides, appetisers and beverages and you’re all set!

While we can agree that nothing unites people better than sharing good food, planning the menu to feed a large crowd can be rather daunting. Instead of stressing over the details of what to order, budgeting, logistics of how to transport the food or wondering if everyone will be able to find something they like, leave the hard work to us instead! At KyoChon we offer catering services that can be customised to fit your budget and event so your next office party will be a breeze.

Make good memories even greater with KyoChon’s delicious range of fried chicken, order online and make today and everyday a mouth-watering occasion!