5 Must-Try Traditional Korean Drinks to enjoy with Korean Fried Chicken

5 Must-Try Traditional Korean Drinks to enjoy with Korean Fried Chicken

Soft drinks are a typical accompaniment to Korean fried chicken feasts as the carbonation and sweetness perfectly balances out the savouriness of the chicken. However, if a more traditional, non-carbonated option is what you’d prefer, perhaps traditional Korean drinks will be more your cup of tea. Steeped in history and culture, Korean teas aren’t just enjoyed for their taste but also for their health benefits. Dive right in and discover more about what these Korean teas have to offer!

Korean teas aren’t just limited to your usual tea leaves either. These beneficial brews can also be made from roots, flowers, fruits, grains, edible mushrooms, and sometimes even seaweed! However, some of the most commonly found teas are made from leaves, grains and fruits.

Korean Leaf Teas

There are many Korean leaf teas out there, ranging from the more commonly found green tea to pine needle, lotus leaf and persimmon leaf tea. But, if you’re a fan of green teas like the Japanese sencha or konacha often served in restaurants, then nok-cha is definitely the one for you. Nok-cha Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and studies have shown that it can help improve brain function, aid digestion, facilitate fat loss and even lower the risk of heart disease! Nok-cha is typically not subjected to the withering and oxidation process unlike black teas, thus it often retains its delicately grassy fragrance and taste making it light on the tongue and perfect for cleansing your palate between bites.

Korean Grain Teas

Grain, bean or seed teas are famous for their lovely smoky, roasted nuances and Korean grain teas are no exception. Some of the more popular ones such as bori-cha, or barley tea, certainly need no introduction. In fact, it’s often so popular that it’s served in place of water at Korean restaurants and cafes! It has a mild nutty, slightly bitter flavour with a hint of smokiness and is caffeine-free, making it perfect for consumption by individuals of all ages. Bori-cha is also said to help with digestion, weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels.

Oksusu-cha, another popular Korean drink, is a little more complex as the tea ingredients can consist of only roasted corn kernels or a mix of corn kernels and corn silk. Typically made from dried roasted corn kernels, oksusu-cha is rich in Vitamin B6, B12, and C. In terms of taste, oksusu-cha leans more towards the sweeter side with a great roasted flavour — plus, it also smells a little like popcorn when freshly brewed!

Korean Fruit Teas

Sweet, fruity and oh-so-refreshing, Korean fruit teas take your tea drinking experience to tea-riffic new heights with their delectable flavours. Among the many favourites that have been flooding Korean food aisles in supermarkets in Malaysia, yuza tea which is otherwise also known as yuzu, yuja or citron tea, has been one of the most popular flavours that’s been consistently in demand. Its sweet tanginess brightens up the palate and would definitely be a great addition to give your taste buds a cheery wakeup call when paired with a hearty meal of fried chicken. Yuza tea is also commonly believed to be great for soothing the throat and stimulating the appetite, all while delivering a tasty dose of vitamin C.

While we’re on the subject of sweet and tangy fruit teas, plum tea or maesil cha is another Korean flavour that we simply can’t get enough of. Made from plum syrup or the extract of green plums, maesil cha is definitely a great drink to kickstart and end your meal as it also stimulates the appetite and helps with food digestion. At KyoChon 1991, we thoroughly appreciate the amazing authentic flavours of Korean teas, which is why we’ve decided to pay homage to these traditional flavours with a modern twist: making them sparkling fruit teas! Our yuza and plum tea are sparkling natural fruit teas that are made from 100% real fruit. Yuza tea is typically drunk during winter and plum tea in the summer, but at KyoChon 1991 you can now have it all year round with an added fizzy flair that’s sure to make them your new favourite soft drink replacements.

At KyoChon 1991, we’re all about serving up meals that encourage and support the healthy lifestyle of our customers — and that includes completing your lip-smacking Korean fried chicken feast with healthy thirst-quenchers that deliver a taste of Korea with every sip. No matter whether you’re savouring each sip with our Signature KyoChon 1991 Fried Chicken, meat-free options or even our combos, you’re sure to find a tea you’ll love. Try our range of Korean teas today and experience the delightful flavours of Korea for yourself!