What Are the Popular Basic Flavours of Korean Fried Chicken?

We are all familiar with K-dramas and K-pop. Especially in Malaysia, the Korean wave has been hitting all walks of life, and one thing that these phenomena have in common is Korean fried chicken. In your favourite drama series, you’ll definitely spot a delicious fried chicken. And among your favourite Oppas, you will see a number of them as brand ambassadors for Korean fried chicken brands. Therefore, Korean fried chicken has without a doubt become a must-try for anyone who wants to experience Korean culture! The K-fried chickens come in many flavours, but let’s take a look at the basic flavours that make up a batch of authentic Korean fried chicken.

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken

Spice always makes food more interesting. Nothing beats the kick that you get from biting into a juicy, well-cooked spicy fried chicken. Not to mention, its savoury profile that goes so well with popular fried chicken side dishes like rice.

Already craving for one? Then, you must give KyoChon’s Red Pepper series a try! This original hot taste will give your taste buds a run for their money, with spice levels that appeal to spicy food-lovers! There will be times when you taste subtle differences in our Red Pepper series. That’s because when Korea welcomes summer, the hot and humid weather actually increases the spice levels of the red peppers. We won’t change it in any way as we love Mother Nature and all of its ways.

If you happen to love spicy and smoky flavour, our Shinhwa series is perfect for you! A fusion of 24 mouth-watering ingredients, Shinhwa is here to make a statement. Once you take a bite, you will go for another, another, and another.

Soy Garlic Sauce Korean Fried Chicken

It’s not an understatement to say that everyone loves soy garlic Korean fried chicken. In most K-dining restaurants that offer fried chicken, soy garlic is the default and recommended flavour. For those who do not know, soy garlic sauce is a perfect representation of Asian flavours as it is sweet and tangy with a garlic kick! If you are craving for this, look no further than KyoChon’s Soy Garlic Series. Dubbed as KyoChon’s original flavour, our soy garlic fried chickens come with garlic flakes for an even stronger burst of flavours!

Honey Sauce Korean Fried Chicken

Yes, one of the most popular Korean fried chicken flavours is honey. Asians love food that are sweet, so it’s no surprise that they will love honey sauce Korean fried chicken. Honey adds a whole new depth to fried chicken as it is naturally fragrant and rich, making that juicy bite way more delicious! If you love sweet fried chicken, KyoChon’s Honey series is the one that you must try! Made with a special honey batter and brushed with natural honey sauce, it doesn’t get more authentic than that.

Now that you know the 3 most popular Korean fried chicken flavours, try them all at KyoChon! With sauce that’s imported from Korea, you’ll only taste the best. On top of that, KyoChon only uses premium canola oil to fry their chicken, making it healthier for consumption. Most importantly, KyoChon only uses chilled, antibiotic- and hormone-free broiler chickens! Korean Fried Chicken doesn’t get more authentic than this. Discover our menu now!