3 Reasons Why Korean Fried Chicken is Better Than Regular Fried Chicken

3 Reasons Why Korean Fried Chicken is Better Than Regular Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a comfort food to many, but with such a huge variety of cooking styles and flavours, there’s a chance that you’ll have encountered a fried chicken that’s more grease than chicken. However, before you swear off future fried chicken feasts, you’ll be glad to know that Korean fried chicken is nothing like that at all — especially when it’s KyoChon 1991’s Korean fried chicken we’re talking about. Here are 3 reasons why Korean fried chicken is nothing like your regular fried chicken.

Method of Frying

Not all fried chicken recipes are created equal and finding the best fried chicken is a quest that’s truly subjective. Country-fried chicken, karaage, Buffalo chicken, Malaysian turmeric fried chicken and Korean fried chicken are all made from the same bird, but each recipe interprets this fried delight differently via different methods of frying and pre-fry prep – among other factors.

Unlike most other fried chicken recipes, Korean fried chicken is often double-fried. The chicken is typically fried the first time to cook it and evaporate water from the skin, then fried yet again to brown and crisp it quickly while avoiding overcooking the meat. This process renders the fat out of the skin leaving behind tender morsels of chicken wrapped in a lightweight crispy, crunchy crust-like skin that’s simply addictive. It also results in a far less greasy fried chicken, making it a healthier option than regular fried chicken.

Variety of Sauces

Variety is the spice of life, which is why Korean fried chicken with its wide variety of glazes and sauces are so well loved. While the list is constantly expanding, some glaze or sauce flavours such as soy garlic, honey butter, spicy chilli, sweet soy as well as sweet and spicy tend to be universally popular. If you’re curious about which flavours have reigned supreme over the years, check out our list of the popular basic flavours of Korean fried chicken that are anything but boring right here! KyoChon 1991’s very own Signature Fried Chicken include flavour favourites such as soy garlic, Shinhwa (which is characterised by its smoky, spicy taste), honey and red pepper. When it comes to Korean fried chicken flavours, it’s definitely a case of the more the merrier!

Taste and Texture

Korean fried chicken recipes typically call for a lighter batter than their Western counterparts, which tend to be more heavily breaded or battered, resulting in a thicker crust and a heavier-tasting treat. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to food as taste is ultimately a matter of preference, the divine crunch factor the crispy, lightly battered skin of Korean fried chicken delivers is certainly a plus point for many. Coupled with the double-frying method which gives a tender, succulent interior and crunchy exterior, on top of the distinctly Asian-inspired flavours, it’s not hard to see why Korean fried chicken is often proclaimed as the best fried chicken out of the many types of fried chicken variations available.

Of course other factors such as the type of chicken used, the oil used to fry it as well as the sauces and seasonings used on the chicken come into play too when we’re talking about fried chicken. After all, you’ll surely taste the difference between an MSG-laden fried chicken versus one that relies on natural seasonings. Here at KyoChon 1991, you can rest assured that you’re getting only the best of both, flavour- and health-wise.

It’s not an empty promise when we say we want to pursue perfection in every fried chicken we make while also supporting and encouraging our customer’s healthy lifestyles, which is why KyoChon 1991 only uses the finest produce in making our fried chicken. We don’t just use chilled, antibiotic- and hormone-free broiler chickens that have been specially raised for their tender meat in air-conditioned sheds that ensure they are sealed away from potential airborne viruses and diseases, we also fry them in premium canola oil which is much better for health as it is low in saturated fat but high in monounsaturated fat. Our imported sauces are also 100% natural and MSG-free. In fact, they are so natural that you can even taste the subtle differences depending on the season the ingredients were harvested in!

Let your taste buds enjoy the authentic taste of Korean fried chicken from KyoChon 1991. There’s a flavour out there for everyone, so order online today and discover yours!