Reasons Why Malaysians Love Fried Chicken

Reasons Why Malaysians Love Fried Chicken

What’s the best part about living in Malaysia? It’s the fact that you can eat fried chicken pretty much anywhere in the country! Be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and even supper), you can always count on it being mouth-wateringly delicious What makes it even better is the abundance of flavours it comes in, ranging from original and spicy to popular Korean flavours such as Soy Garlic, Honey and more! However, that’s not all there is to it!

Fried Chicken Helps Us Connect with People and Cultures Around The World

Many countries have their own interpretation of fried chicken. South America has Southern Fried Chicken; Japan has the Karaage; New York has Buffalo Wings; India has Chicken 65; and the list goes on. You don’t need to travel to all those countries to try all of those, as there are many local and international businesses in Malaysia that offer all these amazing delicacies, and being able to experience these myriads of flavours is truly a pleasure. One day, when you travel to any one of those countries, you will possess an unspoken connection with the locals there.

While all of them are extremely popular, nothing can beat the global phenomenon that is Korean fried chicken. If you are craving for Korean fried chicken, look no further than KyoChon! Unlike our usually-savoury fried chicken, Koreans also enjoy theirs in sweet flavours sweet (such as Honey flavour). Meanwhile, they also have their interpretation of spicy flavours, such as Red Pepper and Shin Hwa. And last but not least, the always-popular Soy Garlic flavour that always creates the fondest of memories.

Find The Most Authentic & Delicious Korean Fried Chicken at KyoChon!

i. KyoChon Uses 100% Natural Sauces That’s MSG- and additives-free

A big reason behind its mind-blowing flavour profile is the sauces. KyoChon only uses imported sauce from Korea, and they are not only all 100% natural, but also free of MSG and additives. There will be times when you taste subtle differences in our Red Pepper series. That’s because when Korea welcomes summer, the hot and humid weather actually increases the spice levels of the red peppers. We won’t change it in any way as we love Mother Nature and all of its ways.

ii. KyoChon Uses Premium Canola Oil

Scientifically proven to be beneficial for health, we only use premium canola oil to fry our chickens. On top of that, we also use a lot less batter. This means that you will get a tastier and crispier fried chicken that’s expertly fried to perfection.

iii. KyoChon Uses Hormone-free Broiler Chickens

We use only chilled, antibiotic- and hormone-free broiler chickens (specially bred chickens raised for their meat). They are all grown in sealed-off, air-conditioned modern sheds ensuring they are free from airborne viruses and diseases. Our chickens are between 30 – 35 days old because our years of experience have proven that this is the best for juicy, tender and succulent meat after frying. You can rest assured that your fried chicken will taste marvelous.

For an authentic Korean fried chicken experience in Malaysia, look no further than KyoChon! Want to learn more about our other delicacies? Discover our exciting menu now!